Mikhail Katsnelson

Lecture at reception of Hamburg prize for theoretical physics (Hamburg, November 2016)

Spinoza Lecture (The Hague, September 2013)

Scientific interests and some results

Dirac physics in condensed matter, especially, graphene (Klein tunneling; Zitterbewegung and conductivity via evanescent waves; supercritical charge; gauge fields and strain engineering)

Fluctuating membranes (graphene as a prototype crystalline membrane; ripples; mechanics of 2D materials beyond conventional elasticity theory; quantum regime and low-temperature thermodynamics)

Correlation effects in electronic structure and properties of real materials (in particular, DFT+DMFT)

Exchange and Dzialoshinskii-Moriya interactions in crystals and molecules

Nonquasiparticle states in half-metallic ferromagnets and magnetic semiconductors

Dual fermions and dual bosons: development and applications (in particular, plasmons in strongly correlated systems)

Cluster DMFT and high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates

Magnetism of iron-group metals at finite temperatures

Orbital Kondo resonance at transition metal surfaces and its STM visualization

Van Hove singularities and Lifshitz transitions from ultracold gases to metallurgy. Hume-Rothery problem: electronic effects in structural properties of metals and alloys

Particle self-trapping (fluctuon) near classical and quantum critical points

Scaling theory for Kondo lattices

Low-dimensional and frustrated magnets: self-consistent spin-wave theory and beyond

Nonperturbative anharmonic effects in crystal lattice dynamics

Role of magnetism in metallurgy of iron ans steel

Ab initio dynamics for spin systems and for tunneling processes

Spin dynamics and decoherence phenomena in molecular magnets and in magnetic clusters

Stripe domains and pattern formation in magnetic systems

Ab initio theory of dynamical core-hole screening in X-ray spectra of solids

Ab initio anharmonic lattice dynamics

Formation of bolaamphiphilic vesicles

Decoherence waves after local quantum measurements

Foundations of quantum mechanics (logical inference approach, separation-of-conditions principle)

Applications of statistical physics to evolutionary biology